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Awareness: The First Step in Achieving an Armed and Polite Society

Every nation is dreaming of an armed society that it also polite. An armed citizen in America, however, is not automatically the most educated one.armed-society-85231645
The so-called “conditions of readiness” by self-described liberal Democrat Dan Baum in a Harper’s essay is a good example to this. He has talked about his experience with a concealed weapon.
Baum wrote that “condition white” is full unconsciousness to a person’s environment. These instances include being drunk or stoned, sleeping, texting while listening to music, losing oneself in a conversation or sleeping.
The so-called “yellow condition,” on the other hand, is being aware of and having interest in the surroundings. “Condition Orange” is being aware of a threat that may arrive.
“Condition red” is acting in response to danger while “condition white” unifies the society almost as much as does fealty to the Second Amendment. This means that the constitutional prerequisite to the right to bear arms appear more about responsibility.
Earlier this year, lawmakers from North Carolina came up with an idea. That is to allow high school students take gun classes. This way, they will be able to learn about the responsibility that comes with handling a gun, which can claim lives of innocent people if placed in the wrong hands.
There is no denying that America is awash in guns. North Carolina lawmakers argued that the next generation must be aware about how to use the weapon in the safest way possible.

Doug’s Shoot’n Sports supports this stand. It offers concealed weapons class for adults and kids classes for children 3 to10 years old. The kids class is based upon the NRA Eddie Eagle program where children will learn how to respond appropriately when they seen a gun.
The class for kids is a safety class. It is a fun activity for the kids because they will get the chance to bond with other kids in each of these classes. The best thing about it is that the gun store offers it for free!
For Doug’s Shoot’n Sports, offering free kids class is a way to promote gun safety among children. These classes are typically on Saturday afternoon but parents can also set a schedule anytime. Adults, on the other hand, can enjoy a Utah concealed carry class.
Adults, teens and kids must be aware about the obligation that comes with guns. The weapon is meant to keep an individual, a family and a society safe. However, it can also be very dangerous when not handled appropriately.
American kids have shoot people on a weekly basis going back as far as 2015. Guns are also used in suicide cases.
The Injury Prevention has found that only 15 percent of those who own a gun reported obtaining firearm training on suicide prevention. At least 62 percent of gun deaths in the US between 2011 and 2015 were suicide. Therefore, guns must be kept in a safe place and should not be easily accessible.


Police Officers to Be Asked If They Want to Routinely Carry a Gun


A survey for police officers in England will ask if they wish to routinely carry a gun. At least 123,000 officers will participate in the survey.
The survey is the first of its kind. Police officers will be asked about dropping the principle of usually being unarmed.
The federation’s firearms head Che Donald said the question of routinely arming police officers is challenging. He believes that with the current climate, it is about time to seek the opinions of their members again. He explained that the survey intends to collect the view of the members on the issue of routine arming, establishing a fresh national view.
Donald said several forces have been surveyed individually on the same issue over the past years. The news of the survey comes as latest figures show that the number of firearms operations by the police last year rose by 7 percent. Gun and knife crime jumped.
636046215443097272-CRIME-gen-NP.jpgHe noted that recent crime statistics indicate that gun crime was up by 23 percent, The Telegraph reported. Knife crime, on the other hand, saw an increase of 20 percent.
Home Office data indicated a first rise in firearms operations. A total of 15,705 incidents in the 12 months to March were recorded.

The Westminster terror attack was reportedly covered by this period. The Manchester and the London Bridge attacks followed, with several members of the innocent public dead. Furthermore, the Home Office data revealed an increase of 639 armed officers from the previous year.
In the United States, a new study has found that several gun owners in the country have no idea how to use their weapons. The study was published in the journal Injury Prevention and conducted by University of Washington School of Public Health researchers.
An examination of World Health Organization data showed that gun homicide rates are higher in the United States than in other advanced countries. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported more than 11,000 gun homicides in 2013.
In the same year, CDC listed at least 505 deaths from the accidental discharge of firearms in the country. Another alarming issue is that it has been increasingly complicated to measure accidental gun deaths in the United States when the CDC data does not consistently assess national incidents.

Given these issues, all gun owners must know responsible gun handling by heart. Attending a concealed weapons class is an ideal way to learn about safety, appropriate gun handling and operation as well as the laws regarding concealed carry.
Doug’s Shoot’n Sports, a shooting range in Utah, offers this type of class. Classes are scheduled on Tuesday nights from 6 to 10 PM. Lessons are also being taught on Saturday mornings from 8 to noon. A group class can be scheduled according to its website.
The company also offers kids classes for free. Through the class, kids will be able to learn about the proper ways to respond when they see a gun.

What Gun Rights Supporters and Gun Safety Advocates Want


Mass shootings at Pulse nightclub in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport have caused more talks about gun laws in Orlando, as well as other states in the US. There are proposals to alter the laws. In relation to this, Miami Herald/Tampa Bay Times Tallahassee Bureau studied two ideas to change gun laws.
One of the ideas is to ease access to guns in hopes that armed bystanders can help in preventing a potential tragedy. The other one completely opposes the first as it proposes restriction in accessing guns. The second idea would apparently make it more difficult for people to close a deal with gun dealers.

Gun advocates believe that more guns mean a safer community. This would mean it may be easier for people who wish to own a gun to head to Utah gun shops any time and purchase their weapon. Those who wish for more guns argue that the solution to less gun violence is more guns and fewer restrictions as long as the person who wishes to own a gun is a law-abiding citizen.
Guns owners who are physically and mentally healthy can prevent potential shooters or intervene and stop them from doing more harm. “Here we go again. Another gun-free zone. Another place where a shooter can take lives and cause injury, and there’s nobody there armed to protect anybody or to stop the shooter,” said Marion Hammer, the NRA’s long-time Tallahassee lobbyist.
Those who believe they should exercise their Second Amendment rights claim that the Pulse nightclub and Fort Lauderdale shooting are examples of why restrictions on permitted gun-owners are not helpful in preventing tragedy.
Sen. Greg Steube, a Sarasota Republican, said more laws would mean preventing law-abiding citizens from defending themselves. “You’re never going to prevent crime from occurring because you’re just not going to know what a criminal is going to do the next day,” he said.
Meanwhile, advocate of gun control wants tougher laws. They believe that background checks should be required every time gun purchases take place. Researchers believe that as many as 22 percent of gun owners were able to purchase guns without doing a background check.
People who wish for tighter gun laws also wish to block people on terrorist watch lists from making a gun purchase. It is something that Democrats tried and failed to do after the Pulse massacre.
Moreover, lawmakers claim that they want stricter requirements to obtain a concealed carry permit. Currently, permit holders have to be 21 years old. For you to be able to own a gun, you should also have passed a gun safety course and pay a $102 fee.
Activists in Florida cite states like Connecticut for inspiration. In the aforementioned states, the governor signed an assault weapons ban into law after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
Ultimately, gun control advocates claim that easier access to guns could cause more incidents of mass shootings. They believe that some guns, in the wrong hands, are designed to kill innocents.

Senate Starts Talks About Gun Control Measures


Members of the U.S. Senate have begun their talks about the four gun control measures. Two of these will be sponsored by Democrats and the other two by the Republicans. Sen. Dianne Feinstein who represents the democratic side leads the “no fly, no buy” bill that aims to prevent gun sales to names included on the terrorist watch list. Sen. Chris Murphy’s bill, on the other hand, targets to provide for background checks in online gun shops, as well as in various gun shows.

Republican Sen. John Cornyn had earlier presented a good alternative to Feinstein’s bill which gives the government the power to hold a gun sale from any gun dealers as long as the people involved are suspected terrorists. The delay can last to up to 72 hours. However, it will require prosecutors to go to court to present reasonable cause to officially block the sale. There should be a total of 60 yes votes in order for these bills to be added to larger federal spending legislation.

In a part of the debate, Florida Sen. Bill Nelson brought and were able to use photos of a semiautomatic weapon like the ones that was used in the tragic gay shooting in Orlando. He asked the people involved in the debate if they want terrorists to be able to purchase these kinds of weapon too easily. Following this claim, Nelson highlighted the importance of Feinstein’s bill as it allows ban sales to those included in the watch list, as well as to people who have been on a watch list on the past. He said this includes the likes of Omar Mateen.

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas opposed, insisting that the Feinstein’s bill is actually not constitutional. He said the bill that was being proposed would have done nothing to stop the now most famous shooter in Orlando from buying guns. He also noted that Sen. Ted Kennedy was mistakenly placed in the watch list and had a difficulty clearing his name from something which he was not involved.

The debate continues with Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal saying gun violence is an epidemic that the American society has to face. He said everyone knows that crimes which involve improper gun handling could increase in number and things could get worse if we do not act. He had also acknowledged that people are so much better now when it comes to preventing terrorists from carrying bombs onto planes.

With the huge number of guns that are circulating in the country, more than 300 million, with a significant addition to these numbers from sales at gun shops in Utah and in some other parts of America daily, it is inevitable for crimes to increase. The availability of guns anytime people gets angry, fearful or paranoid could lead them to use their legally brought guns.

Despite all these debates, everyone is advised to put all our heads together and finally take control. We do not have to wait to see more dead bodies piling up.

Gun Control Policies Needs Common Sense

For many gun owners in the country, it’s a simple calculus skill: to own a gun, someone will have at least a fighting chance in the event that a thief or home encroacher succeeds to get in the house. And while explicit numbers on the relative frequency of defensive gun utilization in the United States are difficult to come by‐statistically the cases range from a low-level headcount of 55,000 to a flooding of over two million per year. And as a matter of fact none of these numbers will concern you if you are one of the thousands of people with guns who uses these weapons in self defense against a criminal.

It may sound unusual to hear a pro-gun-control leader like Obama boasting that he has been a blessing to gun makers, but in truer discussion, it makes cognizant. Obama thought it is helpful to keep in the head to know that he had been president for over seven years, and that gun sales don’t seem to have suffered during his time. Gun Dealers in Salt Lake County are all engaged in this policy of Obama to safeguard the public with regard to gun violence. The White House released an information saying: “They have gone up. I’ve been very good for gun manufacturers.” made Gun Dealers believe that this was a straight and true claim because firearm production has doubled during Obama’s term of leadership.



Photo Credit: Robb Hohmann

The leaders of the United State, the President and the Vice President respectively are bounded up in using every fair instruments at the administration’s power to reduce gun aggression. Some of the disparities in our country’s gun laws can only be determined through legislation, this is the main reason why the President continues to call on Congress to pass the kind of common sense gun safety improvements backed up by a relative majority of the American people. And while Congress has perennially failed to take action in passing laws that would expand background checks and cut back gun violence, today, building on the important steps that have already been taken over the past respective years, the Administration is informing the people about series of commonsense decision making actions designed to: keep weapons out of the false hands through background checks, make our societies safer from gun hostility, gain mental health treatment and reportage of the background check system and form the future of gun safety practical application and technology.


That is why Gun Stores in Salt Lake City are matching and fitting their programs to the real score of this Obama policy that boils down to: it does not concern at all where you conduct your business-from a store, at gun entertainments, or over the Net: If you’re in the business of selling guns, you must get a license and do a tight background checks. The visualized change of state include processing of physical background checks in a 24/7 scheme, and improving notification of local authorities when certain prohibited persons unlawfully attempt to buy a gun.

Legislators and politicians are bucked up to continue to center their attention and reasons of making policies relating to gun laws to be smart and effective and that is easy to enforce as well as manufacturers, retailers, and other private-sector leaders should explore what more they can do.