Essential Facts about Reactive Rifle Target for Long-Range Rifles

rifle target

Photo Credit: Capt. Roger Fenton

Man does not live by paper alone and reactive rifle target is ideal for ringing a gong at 1000 yards or sending a silhouette flying off a rail at 600. This type of target can also give shooters “instant gratification”, a fast confirmation of a hit. These certainly result to a more fulfilling shooting experience, especially if you are new to shooting. This type is most suitable to use for military and tactical training. This article will educate you about important facts that you need to know about steel targets.


The Hardness of Steel

Metal targets for pistol shooting that should be used for a long range should have high-velocity rifles and use special steel. You may request for a specific hardness tests for a plate material.

Laser vs. Plasma (or Torch) Cutting: Which is Better?

Laser-cut steel target plates are usually stronger and longer-lasting compared to plates that are cut through the use of gas torch or plasma. The reason behind this is that heat softens steel while in the case of laser cutting, the heat penetrates just 1/16″ into the surrounding steel. With a torch or plasma cutter, the heat can penetrate up to 1/2″ into the steel from the edge of the cut.

Bolts vs. Welds

Bolt-on target plates are usually better than plates with joined attachments. The following are reasons they do.

  • The heat from the wed penetrates the steel so the surface hardness is reduced.
  • It is much easier to detach and reverse the target plate with a bolted attachment, prolonging its life. Similarly, bolted fixtures allow you to effortlessly swap plate designs or switch a worn-out target.

Spring Reset vs. Gravity Reset

Springs tend to wear out and if they are repaired in place, the welds are a weak point. Gravity-actuated swingers typically need less maintenance but for best performance, you should select a target calibrated for the impact force of the specific round you are shooting.

The Gong

A medium-sized swinging gong is one of the most valuable and multipurpose long-range reactive target. It has a surface area that is big enough to allow a hit. The audible clang alerts iron sights shooter to a hit even if they don’t have a spotting scope which makes a sweet sound of success.

There are several local fabricators that offer a round steel plate but bear in mind that you only need to pick a proper gong. It should have the right diameter and thickness.

Homemade Rifle Targets

Target shooting is an efficient way to practice shooting and it is usually used by hunters and law enforcement officials to improve their skills and sighting accuracy. You may consider doing a homemade bulls eye target. Use proper safety precautions and gear during practice-shooting. Do not set up a target where there are buildings or people. Determine the size of the target and determine how wide you want the individual circles to be and then fill the bulls eye and the third circle out with a red ink to specify the prime target zone.

This article is courtesy of Doug’s Shoot N Sports.



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