Shoot a Target Like a Pro (Using Handgun)

Handgun is the definition of what irony is. It has the plainest look yet has the most difficult navigation. It’s a fact that this small weapon is the hardest firearm used to shoot. Compared to a rifle, handgun can cause bigger unexpected human error. The shorter measurement of the radius shared by the front and rear view cause those falsifications.

Photo Credit: Michael Patterson via cc license

Photo Credit: Michael Patterson via cc license

Error occurrence can be baffled by tweaks on your techniques of shooting. Simple is far different from easy. Shooting is simple but not easy at all. You will just have to aim at the shooting target, pull the trigger and release (without causing motion on the gun). Pretty basic. What’s complicated is the act of keeping it simple. Over thinking of what you do obstructs you from shooting accurately.

 Useful Tweaks to Shoot Targets the Pro Way

  • STANCE AND POSTURE – The way you stand greatly affects your shooting ability. In a shooting range, novices usually get this wrong. This is the first thing that every trainer will most likely indoctrinate you. A poised stance is not enough. It has to be strong and powerful. Remember your Physics class lessons. Finding your center of gravity is important in standing the way pro shooters would. The general rule of thumb is to maintain a triangular body base.
  • HAND GRIP – The higher the hand, the better. As the grasp goes higher, the axis of the gun goes lower. This results into greater control since rebound tends to show less motion. The pressure of grip must be tough but not too hard. Ever held a bird? How would you hold a live bird? Strong not to let it go but not too strong to kill it.
  • ACCURATE VISION – One of the most popular fundamentals. How can you be able to hit a target (i.e. metal shooting target) without owning eyes of a bull? Proper focus is all that needed. Might take practice but in no time, you can possible hit sharp shots.
  • RELAX WHEN PULLING THE TRIGGER – The pressure applied when pulling the trigger should be mild, consistent and balanced out. Be ready for a discharge as this might cause a surprise and move the gun’s position suddenly changing the angular disposition of the gun.

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