How to Build Your Own Shooting Range at Home

photo credit: Bob B. Brown

photo credit: Bob B. Brown

Hectares of vacant land are not really necessary in providing yourself a convenient target range. All you need is a hundred feet clutter free basement. Got a free basement? You can dig your way out on making a place for your favorite recreation. If you don’t own one then it is going to be a big issue. This conflict can be resolved though, go invest for a basement (which is somehow costly). If having a basement cannot be feasible for you, maybe you can just stick to the great commercial indoor gun ranges/range targets in the state of Utah.

There are important notes you should bear in mind throughout the whole process. These are the following:

  • Your state’s regulations on range building
  • Psychological preparation
  • Financial stability
  • Community’s views

Starting the Project

Remember that this is not just like putting up a lemonade stand. This is serious investment. But this investment sure would fulfill your passion for shooting ranges.

Prepare a concrete plan and outline of how the construction should go. Apply for zoning permission in your place if necessary. Hire someone to do all the planning (professionals can do better than you, accept it). Hire a complete construction team and buy all the items needed for construction.

Steps on Building Your Very Own Target Range

  • Hire all the trustworthy people you need – You may need the help of talented and skillful people who can provide ease and rapidness in building. Get the service of a planner/engineer, foreman, and full construction crew.
  • Space check – You basically need 100 feet of free space in your basement. The size can be smaller, length is way more important than the width.
  • Noise proofing – Neighbors can turn into mad cows if you don’t make this part right. Seal any holes where noise can escape. Paint that neutralize noise are available at construction suppliers, polish the entire room with it.
  • Bullet proofing – Purchase building concretes that can make the wall and ceiling bullet proof. Plenty of manufacturers offer this.
  • Air ventilation – Poor ventilation system can lead to breathing and lung failure. The air cycle should rotate negatively around 5 percent.

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