How to Make Sure You’re Choosing the Right Handgun?

Whether you are a police, military or a concerned citizen, it is very important to accurately choose a handgun you should carry. The decision is something you should prepare for, as you have to choose the best handgun, along with the right caliber and bullet. Read on to make sure you do not overlook significant aspects when you get into a gun shop in Utah.

photo credit: Amy Buser

photo credit: Amy Buser


Not all handguns are created equal. Larger pistols are generally more accurate than smaller ones because they can fit to the hand naturally. They also offer longer sight plane.

On the other hand, smaller calibers have less recoil, which means its follow up shots can be easier, but usually, less energy and force. You can prove this when you shoot at an indoor gun range.


Smaller pistols are apparently lighter to carry, particularly when you’re going to a vacation and they are easier to conceal too.

Proper Fit

Choose a handgun that fits your hand. It has to be one that you can grip with your wrist in a straight line with the forearm.

Revolver or Semi Auto?

Now comes deciding whether you’re going to choose a semi-auto or a revolver. Both have positive and negative points.

When you’re choosing a revolver, bear in mind that it requires a greater degree of training to re-load quickly than an automatic. It is also challenging for most people to keep the weapon still during the long trigger pull.

On the other hand, semi-auto pistols have larger ammunition capacity. Removing and replacing a magazine can be done significantly quicker than reloading a revolver. However, the biggest disadvantage with autos is the possibility of malfunctions, especially when it’s not gripped correctly.


So are you ready for gun sales in Utah? Before purchasing a weapon, it is very important to test fire several weapons before buying one. The more time you spend in the gun range to practice shooting is the more you’ll learn. And remember that the best handgun is the one that works perfectly for you.


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