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Steps That Every Gun Owner Should Take to Protect Children

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Have you ever considered owning a gun? Well, it is a serious thing to own one. Possessing your own gun means great responsibilities on your shoulders. While this particular tool is mainly used for self-defense, it can be one very dangerous thing if it is not handled well. Thus, every gun owner has to bear in mind that owning a gun means a series of important obligations. One of the most significant tasks of a gun owner has something to do with educating the children about proper gun safety.

In order to avoid grave glitches that may happen, teaching the children about gun safety is a must thing to do. Make sure that the children properly understand that the real gun is totally different from the toy guns that they play with. Have you heard about cases when kids accidentally hurt, or even killed their playmates with a real gun they have mistaken as a toy? By all means, you’ve got to do the best things that you can in order to prevent situations like this from happening. Educating the kids about gun safety is one of the most effective ways to protect them from gun accidents.

Instruct the kids to follow these rules if they come in contact with a gun:

 Never touch the gun.
 Immediately leave the area where the gun is.
 Inform an adult right away.

It is chiefly significant for children to leave the area to avoid being harmed by someone who doesn’t know how to handle a gun well. It will be helpful if you, or there is someone you trust that can watch your children at all times. A child as young as 3 owns the finger power to pull a trigger.

A fun and effective way to effectively teach gun safety to your children is through letting them get involved in shooting classes. There are gun shops in Utah that provide free shooting classes. They have programs that typically last for three hours. It is a great opportunity for your kids to learn more about proper gun safety.

To ensure the safest environment for the kids and for the whole family, a gun owner should:

 Take the ammunition out of the gun.
 Make sure that the gun is properly stored.
 Make sure that the keys for the gun storage are properly kept too.
 Store gun-cleaning supplies very well. They are often poisonous.
 Join gun shooting clubs to learn more about gun safety.


Rules In Carrying Your Gun On A Vacation

Cops love vacations! Everyone who owns a gun loves going on a vacation with the whole family too. Fishing, boating, camping or taking the family to the beach, to anancient site, or to a theme park are some enjoyable activities that you can do with your family. So are you carrying your gun during all these? It may have something to do with off duty survival. It is easy to hold a gun at an indoor gun range, but it was never easy to carry a gun while you are playing on the beach with your kids, dressed only in a Speedo. The following are significant reminders on how you should carry your gun while you are on a vacation- with the people you love most.

1. Know the Rules
Some off duty cops prefer to not bring their firearms when they go on a vacation basically because they do not know the rules. Make sure that you make yourself familiar with the HR 218, the Federal law that permits law enforcement officers to carry a gun in all 50 states, with the a few limitations. Ignorance to the rule should never be an excuse. There are safety classes that are being offered in Doug’s Shoot’n Sports, a gun store in Salt Lake City, Utah that you can let your kids participate with so they can learn how to act well whenever they see a gun.


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2. Take control of your weapon.
Choose a smaller weapon for off duty or vacation carry.If you are going to the beach or the hotel pool, make sure that you make your weapon safe. The last thing that you’ll surely want is to see your kids playing with your gun.

Watch your alcohol consumption.

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3. Watch your alcohol consumption.
You are not immune to the “beer-muscle” phenomenon, and when you are going to drink, assign a “designated decision-maker” before you pop open the first bottle. There should be one person that will watch you, like your wife. Primarily, you have to make sure that you take control of yourself and your alcohol intake. Your ability to handle your gun during off duties will determine the type of cop you are.

4. Consider other weapons.
Sometimes, it’s just not a practical thing to carry a gun while you are building ocean-side sand castles with your kids or taking a resort scuba course. Thus, you may consider alternative weapons that you can use to protect your family and the people around you. You may use knives, an improvised blunt instrument, an old credit card that’s been sharpened on one side, and of course, your own body.