Pros and Cons to Consider Before Building a Range

Shooting is an ideal sport that you can involve yourself in and a great way to improve your shooting skill is through practicing on a gun range. Basically, there are two types of range, which are the indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. As with most things in life, there’s a trade off when talking about using an indoor vs. outdoor range. Building your own range is ideal and it can also be for commercial purposes.Read on to learn about the pros and cons of shooting on both ranges. This will surely help you out in the decision-making process.

Doug's Gun Store indoor shooting range


One significant advantage of an indoor range is that it can be found in the middle of the city. This means that they are more convenient for most people who are looking for a dynamic hobby. Indoor ranges are generally visible and accessible. It also means savings in the overtime costs for police departments because they need not to travel far. Shooters can also enjoy shooting in any weather condition. More and more indoor shooting ranges are improved which makes them a suitable option for tactical training. Some indoor shooting ranges are combined with a gun store. This means that the indoor range can be a highly profitable venture.


Indoor shooting ranges are generally more expensive to build. It requires a building that is able to meet all the municipal requirements such as parking, sound, and zoning. There are OSHA and EPA requirements too, which means high cost for the ventilation system.

outdoor shooting range in Salt Lake City, Utah



An outdoor shooting range can be as simple as a shooting line and a dirt backdrop. This means that it requires less expensive equipments and cost. It also offers grander range of shooting with suitable berms. Because of these, your training scenarios will become more realistic.Training at an outdoor range can also provide several firing stations, a bigger range of distance, vehicle scenarios, and terrain-based exercises.


While building an outdoor range may be less expensive, it can mean more work. It requires serious earthwork and soil engineering. Also, it is fundamentally tough to contain lead and noise at an outdoor range, and as housing intrudes on previously unoccupied areas, more and more outdoor shooting ranges are being closed down. While the location of your outdoor range may seem safe from housing development, circumstances can swiftly change and jeopardize the future of your range.


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