Looking At How Guns Benefits You Psychologically and Publicly

The number one purpose of owning a gun is security. Keeping ourselves safe does not just mean protection against illnesses and from being hit by a car. When we talk about guns, we mean self-defense. Everyday as we walk our way to work and back to our home, violent crimes of more than one kind happen. And unfortunately, lives are taken. But the worst, this thing that are supposed to be used for protection is what crooks also use to kill. But do you find taking guns away from the citizens helpful enough to avoid or reduce the crime rate in the country? Would gun control help to make our country a safer place to live in? What will happen to gun shops?

Gun shop in Utah

If you are looking at all corners to answer this question then you might have just wanted to divide yourself into a yes and a no. That’s pretty understandable. We think that guns are dangerous and so they should be taken away. On the other hand, you would say they are needed for protection which is a very basic idea that anyone could have. Here are two perspectives from which you can look at and see how beneficial having guns would be or say how disadvantageous would it be without them.

Psychological Benefit

If you have ever had a gun in your possession then probably you know how to differentiate the feeling of going out to public with and without it. Disarming a population would give it a feeling of anxiety as if the way of life and safety does not come with using weapons. Both ordinary and known individuals have a sense of keeping themselves and those that are important to them safe and sound, and the same goes to those who own guns.

Psychologically, owning a gun can actually give confidence that we can walk through dark pavements alone, with our purse; that we can talk about our properties or how big the amount you have in your bag is even in front of people you don’t really know. So can you just imagine if the community who has always been thinking safe will be deprived of having a protection like gun?

Public Benefit

As humans, we spend most of our lives dealing with other people. And almost every day we come across new faces and establish relationships. But let’s deal with the fact that no matter how good you become in socializing, chances of trouble still come. Being a businessmen and anyone else whose job requires encounter with other individuals can be as dangerous as being a policeman who chases a bad guy inside a warehouse. But with guns, they are able to continue normally with their transactions without the fear of being robbed easily. Guns open us to the reality that life isn’t just about good things. They are more than just arms we used in shooting targets. They can be considered as a basic need for security.


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