The Origin of the Modern Gun

Guns are now relatively commonplace in the generation that we live. We see guns everywhere in the media. Even a person who may have never held nor fired a gun in real life can experience firing a gun through a variety of video games, and be good at it. There are even sporting events showcasing one’s proficiency with a gun. Many sporting goods stores have guns for sale.
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In the United States, guns as a hobby is widespread. Some states have strict gun laws while other states have permissive laws in owning firearms. The state of Utah is one of the states that have the most permissive gun laws. A typical gun store in Utah and will help you get started on owning a gun. California on the other hand, is the state with the strictest gun laws. A background check is required before anyone can purchase and own a firearm in California.
Most gun hobbyists like to meet at a local gun shop to interact with each other. According to hobbyists, shooting guns is challenging, fun, and enjoyable. Others prefer the collecting aspect of the hobby. They find the history behind each gun particularly interesting, and most own more than 10 guns.
According to history, the origins of the gun can be traced back to China. In the 9th century Chinese alchemists accidentally invented the black powder, which is now widely called gun powder. This discovery has paved the way for the invention of the firearm as we know it today.
The fire lance or fire spear, according to historians, was one of the very first gun powder weapons. This ancestor to the gun was made by attaching a bamboo tube containing gun powder and small projectiles to the end of a spear. Eventually, the paper and bamboo barrels were replaced with metal to better withstand the explosion. The projectiles were also specialized to be propelled through the barrel to maximize explosive power.
The oldest surviving firearm is the Heilongjiang hand cannon, which was dated to 1288. It was discovered in a site in China located in what is now the Acheng District. It was one of the firearms used in warfare during the Yuan Dynasty.
In the early modern age (early 15th Century until the 17th century), technological advancements were made. One of the early hand guns, called the Arquebuses, was invented during this period. It had a matchlock mechanism and was the first firearm with a “trigger”. It is the first mechanism, or “lock,” invented to make the firing of a hand-held firearm easier.
The invention of other ignition mechanisms such as the wheellock and the snaplock also occured during this time. The snaplock was improved upon and evolved into the flintlock. Flintlock firearms uses a flint striking ignition mechanism to fire. The percussion cap was invented later on to deal with problems associated with flintlock mechanisms. Reloading was a hassle during those times, which gave the need to innovate further. This gave rise repeating firearms that can be fired more than once before reloading.

Five Tips in Cleaning Your Gun the Right Way

Some gun owners, particularly those who love shooting at an indoor shooting range in Utah, love cleaning their guns. For some, it is a weekly ritual that they would never want to miss. In order to ensure that your gun is working properly when you need, you need to make sure that you clean it correctly. The following are some important things you need to bear in mind when cleaning your gun.


  • Master the art of disassembling your gun.

The first thing you need to master is safely taking apart your gun. Most tools available in Utah gun shops nowadays are rather easy to disassemble. If you have any questions or you are having a hard time disassembling your tool, all you need to do is to read the manual.
The last thing you would wish to happen is to bend a part because you’re forcing something when the gun should come apart with no trouble. It would be wise to keep your manual in a drawer especially if it is your first time to own a gun. In case you lose your manual, you can search on the Internet for some tips in disassembling your tool.


  • Do not store ammo in the same place where you clean your gun.

Make sure there is no ammunition in the place where you clean your gun. There have been some instances in which a person has accidentally shot himself while he was cleaning his gun. Also, make sure that your gun is not loaded when you are cleaning it. You need to prioritize your safety and of those around you.

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  • Utilize the appropriate cleaning product.

Any cleaning solution that is under your sink may not be ideal for cleaning your gun. You need to use the correct cleaning formulas. Aside from the ideal cleaning solution, you may also want to make use of Q-tips for the hard to reach places, a towel or rag to wipe the gun off when you’re done with cleaning it. You can shop at sporting goods stores or visit Utah’s greatest gun store to purchase affordable cleaning kit that contains all of the items you need for cleaning your gun.

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  • Have a well ventilated place.

You need to also take note of the room temperature when you are cleaning your gun. You can also opt to clean your gun in your garage with a window open. You can also clean your gun on a back deck.

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  • Take your time.

You do not need to be in a hurry when you clean your gun. Some people opt to clean their guns about every 500 rounds. For a handgun, it should take you no longer than thirty minutes to clean it. Make sure you clean all the nook and crevice of your gun. Remember that you need to take care of your gun so you can keep the assurance that it will take good care of you by the time you need it.

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Why Allowing Your Kids to Play with Shooting Targets is Actually Good for Them


Spending some time at Utah gun ranges are great hobbies for adults, especially those who love shooting as a sport. Surprisingly, shooting guns can be great for kids too. Of course, it is very important for kids to understand that a real gun is not the same as their toy gun. It is something that should be handled with care, for it can take away lives or hurt other people, including themselves.

When the kids understand these things, shooting a real gun can be beneficial for them. The sport can urge them to quiet their minds and concentrate. Lining up the sights on a distant target requires the kids to concentrate, which would really be a nice thing.
The kids will learn how to slow their breathing. They will be able to tune in to the beat of their hearts to be able to squeeze the trigger. Shooting as a sport for kid is also healthy for their brain as touching the trigger allows them to utilize their motor skills.
Shooting allows the kids to practice their focus. They will learn to keep their eyes on the target while aiming. This would require a lot of focus. The children will eventually learn how to get rid of any other activities. They will find themselves in the present moment in which there is only one thing at hand to do.

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Whether you are a child or an adult, the shooting sport can build physical discipline. In a time when people would rather sit the whole day with their phones, it would be nice for kids and adults alike to be involved to an activity that can improve strength, stamina, hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.
Another reason why shooting is an ideal activity for kids is that it exercises the eye capabilities. It does not fix any eye deficiencies but it gives the eyesight a good break from staring at computers, TVs, phones and tablets. Playing with shooting targets can be a good way to get away from eye stress.
Another thing that makes shooting great is that it increases mental discipline. It may be something that you did not know about before, but shooting is actually a mental sport. Experienced marksmen believe that sport shooting is 90% mental.
Shooting is great for kids because it can sharpen their concentration levels. They also develop improved multiple problem solving skills, logic, mathematics and creative thinking. Through shooting as a sport, the kids will be able to think outside the box.
Other interesting activities that are also great for kids include archery, calligraphy, photography and painting. Exposing kids to indoor shooting range in Utah would give them a better understanding of what guns are and how they are supposed to work. However, you also need to ensure that your kids obtain enough guidance. The last thing you would wish to happen is to see them hurting themselves or others due to your negligence.

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What Gun Rights Supporters and Gun Safety Advocates Want


Mass shootings at Pulse nightclub in Orlando and Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport have caused more talks about gun laws in Orlando, as well as other states in the US. There are proposals to alter the laws. In relation to this, Miami Herald/Tampa Bay Times Tallahassee Bureau studied two ideas to change gun laws.
One of the ideas is to ease access to guns in hopes that armed bystanders can help in preventing a potential tragedy. The other one completely opposes the first as it proposes restriction in accessing guns. The second idea would apparently make it more difficult for people to close a deal with gun dealers.

Gun advocates believe that more guns mean a safer community. This would mean it may be easier for people who wish to own a gun to head to Utah gun shops any time and purchase their weapon. Those who wish for more guns argue that the solution to less gun violence is more guns and fewer restrictions as long as the person who wishes to own a gun is a law-abiding citizen.
Guns owners who are physically and mentally healthy can prevent potential shooters or intervene and stop them from doing more harm. “Here we go again. Another gun-free zone. Another place where a shooter can take lives and cause injury, and there’s nobody there armed to protect anybody or to stop the shooter,” said Marion Hammer, the NRA’s long-time Tallahassee lobbyist.
Those who believe they should exercise their Second Amendment rights claim that the Pulse nightclub and Fort Lauderdale shooting are examples of why restrictions on permitted gun-owners are not helpful in preventing tragedy.
Sen. Greg Steube, a Sarasota Republican, said more laws would mean preventing law-abiding citizens from defending themselves. “You’re never going to prevent crime from occurring because you’re just not going to know what a criminal is going to do the next day,” he said.
Meanwhile, advocate of gun control wants tougher laws. They believe that background checks should be required every time gun purchases take place. Researchers believe that as many as 22 percent of gun owners were able to purchase guns without doing a background check.
People who wish for tighter gun laws also wish to block people on terrorist watch lists from making a gun purchase. It is something that Democrats tried and failed to do after the Pulse massacre.
Moreover, lawmakers claim that they want stricter requirements to obtain a concealed carry permit. Currently, permit holders have to be 21 years old. For you to be able to own a gun, you should also have passed a gun safety course and pay a $102 fee.
Activists in Florida cite states like Connecticut for inspiration. In the aforementioned states, the governor signed an assault weapons ban into law after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.
Ultimately, gun control advocates claim that easier access to guns could cause more incidents of mass shootings. They believe that some guns, in the wrong hands, are designed to kill innocents.

How Spending Time at an Indoor Shooting Range Can Keep You Healthy and Improve Your Life

Spending a fun weekend at your indoor shooting range in Utah can give you more perks than you thought. It is not just about improving your shooting skills. It has been proven by a number of researches that shooting can help you become physically and mentally healthier. Here are some ways your health is improved simply by spending an afternoon in an indoor shooting range that allows gun rentals.

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  1. Upper Body Strength

Shooting at a pistol range requires arm and shoulder strength. You will feel that your muscles are quavering after a few hours of lifting the gun, aiming and firing for a number of times. This is a good thing because it means while you are improving your shooting skills, your body also gets workout. When you shoot more often, arms and shoulders become stronger. This is ideal for both male and female shooters. Most females tend to neglect strength training in their workouts so spending time at a range is an apparent advantage.

  1. Good for Your Eyesight

In this digital era, most people spend time staring at computers, mobile phones and other screens. This can cause eye strain. This can be at least prevented by giving your eyes a break from all these by focusing on targets that are positioned greater than an arm’s length away from you. Most eye doctors would agree that focusing on distant objects on a routine basis is essential to keep the eyes healthy.

  1. Coordination and Balance

As you practice shooting, you hold your ground and get an insight on how good your balance is. And when you practice more often, your balance eventually improves. It can actually benefit you in almost all aspects in your life because you get to be stronger and steadier on your feet. Constant practice can also improve your coordination as you start to notice that it becomes more effortless.

  1. Prevents Back Pain

Back pain is virtually an epidemic for most Americans. Another good thing about shooting is that it helps improve your stance simply because you cannot shoot a gun while lounging. If you are going to practice at an indoor shooting range, you will be required to keep your back straight, as well as to keep it strong. Shooting is a great exercise for your spine.

  1. Relieves Stress

You may feel constantly stressed at work. And while you spend life in a rush, you need to pause once in a while and do something that will help you get rid of all the stress you have acquired in your system. Shooting in a gun rental is an ideal chance to slow down. The majority would agree that shooting has wonderful stress reduction powers. After spending an hour or more at the indoor gun range, you may feel calmer and at peace.

  1. Improves Mental Focus

Shooting allows you to focus on the task without letting other factors affect the actions you take.

Here are Essential Things You Can Do to Promote Gun Safety at Home and in Your Community

As a gun owner, sportsman, veteran, father and mother, son and daughter, you naturally want responsible solutions to preventing gun violence such as massive shootings that seem to become a more difficult problem for the last months. The majority of us share a common goal which is to experience America as a safe place against gun violence. In Salt Lake City, Utah for instance, responsible gun owners are at indoor shooting ranges to have fun while improving their shooting skills. This is contrary to the scenarios in some places in which innocent lives are taken away due to irresponsible gun handling.


As responsible gun owners, we believe in the rights that the Second Amendment gives us, which also explains why gun shops are always filled with people who are looking for the right gun that will best suit their lifestyle. But with this right comes big responsibilities to promote gun safety. In order to lessen the cases of gun violence, universal background checks are highly suggested as this will ensure that guns are kept away from the wrong hands. It should also be a habit of gun owners to store guns securely to prevent access by children or any unauthorized person. If you are the type who get excited upon hearing about handguns for sale, the good thing is that there is something that you can do to contribute to gun safety.

Be Fully Informed

You do not need to rely on somebody else to give you the skinny on the latest gun debates. You can make your own researches and be sure that you obtain them from reliable information resources. You can rely on news outlets that present news reports about guns to give you a positive light, or perhaps you can watch videos of congressional hearings. Take time to know what the issue is actually all about and then come up with your own set of talking points. If someone asks for your opinion, hold a calm discussion and learn from each other.

Observe Safe Gun Storage

Do not get used to just leaning rifles up in the corner of a closet or placing your handgun in a drawer that your kids can easily get access to. You need to search and implement a strategy for preventing unauthorized access to your firearms. Responsible gun storage is an important responsibility of every gun owner.

Seek Out Responsible and Proper Training

To be a responsible gun owner, you need to learn about safe gun handling practices. Whether you just brought a new gun or own one for a long time, there is always a room for improvement, particularly with your shooting skills. Take time to visit a shooting range to upgrade your skills while releasing all the stress you have acquired for the whole week. Be completely, morally and legally accountable for each and every round you fire.

Here’s How Shooting Makes You Physically and Mentally Healthy

People come to Utah to visit indoor shooting ranges that offer guns for rents, as well as making transactions with gun dealers. Shopping for guns has been more fun than ever as shooting becomes a very interesting hobby. Even locals find pleasure in shooting and perceive it as a healthy recreational activity that reduces stress.

Apparently those who are preparing for the military or police academy are not the only ones who enjoy the benefits of shooting nowadays. Spending time at gun ranges offers more benefits than you might have thought. Here are ways on how shooting can improve both your physical and mental health.

Shooting Develops Physical Discipline

As alarming as it sounds, we are living in an age of couch potato. Those who have tried shooting or had learned to embrace it as a hobby were able to build physical disciplines that are both healthy and enjoyable. People who often go to gun rental and shooting range get better chances of acquiring greater strength, stamina, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. All these are physical disciplines that are not only vital in sports, but more so to all of life.

Shooting develops your arm strength as the activity requires strong and sturdy arms to aim and shoot the target. Shooters develop the ability to keep arms steady. Unsurprisingly, shooting can also improve one’s focus as it requires keen attention to the target while aiming a gun. You’ll be able to find yourself in the present moment and remove all other thoughts that can make you lose your focus.

One of the best benefits of shooting is to be able to exercise the eye capabilities that everyone already has. It will be a great deal to relieve your eyes once in a while by staying away from computers, TVs, phones and tablets. It should be made clear though that developing your shooting skills does not cure any eye deficiencies.

Shooting Can Make You Mentally Healthy

Shooting is actually more of a mental sport. Skilled marksmen would agree that the shooting sport is 90% mental. When you shoot, you get the chance to improve your concentration levels. It can also upgrade your multiple problem solving skills, such as logic, mathematics and creative thinking.

Shooting allows a person to utilize relevant psychology, specifically one part that is most relevant to the activity which is called neuroscience. The very concept of neuroscience is that everything a person does is controlled by his thoughts. One’s body is controlled by his mind and once you develop the ability to control your mind, you’ll be able to improve your focus.

Shooting requires focus and will allow you to develop such. A good shooter has a specific purpose in mind. It is a good shooting strategy to simplify that purpose to the smallest variable and that should become one’s focal point. Thinking is not actually a requirement when it comes to shooting. One simply just needs to focus while at shooting ranges in Talorsville, Ut.

Senate Starts Talks About Gun Control Measures


Members of the U.S. Senate have begun their talks about the four gun control measures. Two of these will be sponsored by Democrats and the other two by the Republicans. Sen. Dianne Feinstein who represents the democratic side leads the “no fly, no buy” bill that aims to prevent gun sales to names included on the terrorist watch list. Sen. Chris Murphy’s bill, on the other hand, targets to provide for background checks in online gun shops, as well as in various gun shows.

Republican Sen. John Cornyn had earlier presented a good alternative to Feinstein’s bill which gives the government the power to hold a gun sale from any gun dealers as long as the people involved are suspected terrorists. The delay can last to up to 72 hours. However, it will require prosecutors to go to court to present reasonable cause to officially block the sale. There should be a total of 60 yes votes in order for these bills to be added to larger federal spending legislation.

In a part of the debate, Florida Sen. Bill Nelson brought and were able to use photos of a semiautomatic weapon like the ones that was used in the tragic gay shooting in Orlando. He asked the people involved in the debate if they want terrorists to be able to purchase these kinds of weapon too easily. Following this claim, Nelson highlighted the importance of Feinstein’s bill as it allows ban sales to those included in the watch list, as well as to people who have been on a watch list on the past. He said this includes the likes of Omar Mateen.

Sen. John Cornyn of Texas opposed, insisting that the Feinstein’s bill is actually not constitutional. He said the bill that was being proposed would have done nothing to stop the now most famous shooter in Orlando from buying guns. He also noted that Sen. Ted Kennedy was mistakenly placed in the watch list and had a difficulty clearing his name from something which he was not involved.

The debate continues with Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal saying gun violence is an epidemic that the American society has to face. He said everyone knows that crimes which involve improper gun handling could increase in number and things could get worse if we do not act. He had also acknowledged that people are so much better now when it comes to preventing terrorists from carrying bombs onto planes.

With the huge number of guns that are circulating in the country, more than 300 million, with a significant addition to these numbers from sales at gun shops in Utah and in some other parts of America daily, it is inevitable for crimes to increase. The availability of guns anytime people gets angry, fearful or paranoid could lead them to use their legally brought guns.

Despite all these debates, everyone is advised to put all our heads together and finally take control. We do not have to wait to see more dead bodies piling up.

Gun Control Policies Needs Common Sense

For many gun owners in the country, it’s a simple calculus skill: to own a gun, someone will have at least a fighting chance in the event that a thief or home encroacher succeeds to get in the house. And while explicit numbers on the relative frequency of defensive gun utilization in the United States are difficult to come by‐statistically the cases range from a low-level headcount of 55,000 to a flooding of over two million per year. And as a matter of fact none of these numbers will concern you if you are one of the thousands of people with guns who uses these weapons in self defense against a criminal.

It may sound unusual to hear a pro-gun-control leader like Obama boasting that he has been a blessing to gun makers, but in truer discussion, it makes cognizant. Obama thought it is helpful to keep in the head to know that he had been president for over seven years, and that gun sales don’t seem to have suffered during his time. Gun Dealers in Salt Lake County are all engaged in this policy of Obama to safeguard the public with regard to gun violence. The White House released an information saying: “They have gone up. I’ve been very good for gun manufacturers.” made Gun Dealers believe that this was a straight and true claim because firearm production has doubled during Obama’s term of leadership.



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The leaders of the United State, the President and the Vice President respectively are bounded up in using every fair instruments at the administration’s power to reduce gun aggression. Some of the disparities in our country’s gun laws can only be determined through legislation, this is the main reason why the President continues to call on Congress to pass the kind of common sense gun safety improvements backed up by a relative majority of the American people. And while Congress has perennially failed to take action in passing laws that would expand background checks and cut back gun violence, today, building on the important steps that have already been taken over the past respective years, the Administration is informing the people about series of commonsense decision making actions designed to: keep weapons out of the false hands through background checks, make our societies safer from gun hostility, gain mental health treatment and reportage of the background check system and form the future of gun safety practical application and technology.


That is why Gun Stores in Salt Lake City are matching and fitting their programs to the real score of this Obama policy that boils down to: it does not concern at all where you conduct your business-from a store, at gun entertainments, or over the Net: If you’re in the business of selling guns, you must get a license and do a tight background checks. The visualized change of state include processing of physical background checks in a 24/7 scheme, and improving notification of local authorities when certain prohibited persons unlawfully attempt to buy a gun.

Legislators and politicians are bucked up to continue to center their attention and reasons of making policies relating to gun laws to be smart and effective and that is easy to enforce as well as manufacturers, retailers, and other private-sector leaders should explore what more they can do.

Nerve-rocking at First but Awesome Experience

Remembering the moment when I first attended shooting activities for quite a few years ago, I was a little worried about going to an indoor shooting range in Utah. I was not certain what the correct procedure was and it appeared to me like a pretty threatening place. I am an outdoor person with some group of friends and had a blast, and to engage myself into shooting after enjoying with them made me feel so intimidated with the people inside the place. I am thinking that they are very well versed in the sports and knowing that I am a beginner is an awkward feeling to mingle with them. It’s a good thing because I got professional and friendly shooting instructors teaching me the fundamentals in firearm handling and responsibilities while attending the activities.

Even if I craved to go outside I was hesitant because I don’t exactly know the rules. I was not sure if I am allowed to shoot when there was no formal range in the place. So with the single place I know and see, many people were doing the shooting activities. To be honest I was not confident to do it. I was busy listening to my instructors but when they ask me to fire, I am so nervous about doing my first trigger activity. But eventually after a year of learning and observing, I’ve absorbed a lot and little by little I became confident in firing targets while I am in the activity area. I became more effective shooter and even if I go to more than one type of shooting range, I know I am confidently ready.

So here are the things I’ve learned from one of the concealed carry classes in Utah that I have attended, for leisure or target shooting a single range is good, but for exercising to use a firearm for self-defense I found out that I wanted to shoot in unalike sorts of shooting environments. Clearly every range is dissimilar so if you can acquire all the aids from a single range then that’s perfect and the feeling is awesome. But for whatever reason, it is important for me not to spend a ton of money. Practically, I’ve found out that going to indoor ranges, outdoor ranges, and just shooting outdoors all mixed up experiences to make me an improved handgun owner and as shooter as well as more ready to use my gun should it necessary to defend myself and family.

Shooting range in Utah whether indoor or outdoor ranges, these are great places for improving your shooting target skills and constructing muscle recall for the mechanism of shooting activity. Being in the training or in the activity with the experts and instructors, you acquire worthy response on where your gunshots are going and you can make corrections as you go. Shoot a few rounds at a paper mark, then take the goal back and see how you did it effectively. Always remember this, you do not need to rush in, you can leisurely go down to work on your shelling mechanics and then work with your swiftness as you advance, keep it up!